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What is the Best Liquid Zeolite?

What is Liquid Zeolite?
What is Liquid Zeolite? Helping For Body Detox And Treat Cancer

Today, Many people received information from advertisers. They told people that they make liquid zeolite to bring more health to all people. If it is true, it brings good news to all mankind.

Radioactive substance absorption

In China, all people go to the hospital in order to check their health. These machines for X-Rays checks, CT scans, medical radiation procedures, Mammograms, naturally occurring radiation like radon, and nuclear fallout was widely used every year.

More and more radioactive substances are saved in patients’ bodies after human bodies are exposed to ionizing radiation for many years. If hospital patients are not able to adsorb them to move on time, they’ve got a fair amount of radioactive substances to stick around their bodies.

Some emissive materials were accumulated over the years. Liquid zeolites are all pure rock powder with drinking water to help remove leftover radiation and heavy metal from human bodies. It is a piece of good news for all patients.

How To Work With Liquid Zeolite Supplements

Zeolites include synthetic zeolite and natural zeolite. The evaluation result reported that the ph value of zeolite synthetic processed is 9 to 11, and it brings unknown risk if eating higher PH synthetic zeolite. The value of zeolite from the natural rock is 5 to 7ph and it seems the natural material’s PH is suitable for the human body. It is insoluble in drinking water because it is a three-dimensional crystal structure. some engineers call molecular sieves, which can adsorb heavy metals iron, ammonia, amines, etc. Few people believe it solves cancer problems based on adsorption function.

Liquid Zeolite Detox Function

The advertiser said that it is better for your health after using all pure good zeolite powder for 3-5 months. It can use liquid zeolite for body detox and then treat cancer.

Liquid Zeolite Structure :

The below information is easy known by yourself

Best Liquid Zeolite Supplements = Natural Zeolite Powder + Water

Some researchers told us that natural zeolite is a natural mineral from zeolite rocks. (zeolite rocks is organic materials from Chinese volcanic, which is a three-dimensional crystal structure built from the elements aluminum, oxygen, and silicon, with alkali or alkaline-Earth metals.) They have informed some zeolite warnings from cancer applications.

The zeolite purity must be improved because another substance is not good for our bodies. The zeolite powder needs to be disinfected by special processing. they are called super liquid zeolite, which is food-grade zeolite. If drinking liquid zeolite, we suggest that you have to discuss it with your doctor and read more zeolite knowledge before dring.

Zeolite Warning From The Doctor

All-natural zeolite has been used for animal health and pet at the past of many years. It is a good and safe product for pets and has more effective work in body health. For human health, End-user can’t ignore these zeolite warnings, even if it is used for zeolite detox. During production, liquid zeolite must meet national quality standards, especially its microbial purity and toxic substance concentration. Natural detox medicine products include powders, micronized powders, capsules, face powders, and skin creams, etc.

It must be packaged in plasticizer-free medicine barrels and glass. In fact, zeolite powder has been used for natural detoxification for the long-term ago. For example, the nuclear reactor that exploded in Chornobyl was covered with 22,000 tons of zeolite-clinoptilolite to control and protect substances from radiation. Zeolite powder has a highly selective absorption ability, can also be used as a molecular sieve for various toxins, and can be called a “100% Natural detoxifier”.

Other Application

On the other hand, organic zeolite powder is used in animal feed, and it increases animal body weight and aflatoxin adsorption in livestock and poultry. some farmers use this material in their feed. It isn’t guaranteed to use in humans.

You maybe know natural zeolite is used in detergent, pool filters, first aid treatments, face masks, pet care, odor removal of the pet.


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