UZ-Min Treatment Of Drinking Water

natural filter media of drinking water,and it purify water by zeolite.

UZ-Min Treatment Of Drinking Water

Zeolite water filtration media is a sustainable, natural treatment solution for drinking water, grey water, and wastewater treatment. Zeolite as molecular sieve was used as filter media to high effective purify water and can remove/reduce certain hardness minerals, allowing it to act in a water softening capacity.

Shipment: Container / Bulk Vessel
Delivery Time: 10 Days After PO
Capacity: 3500 MT / Month
Package: 25kgs / 50kgs / 700kgs


Benefits of UZ-Min - treatment of drinking water sources (Based Clinoptilolite Zeolite)

  • ecological treatment of drinking water
  • suitable for drinking water treatment facilities of various sizes
  • reduced levels of iron, manganese and antimony occurred in water in average quantities
  • adsorption of contaminants thanks to the enormously large surface area of the mineral
  • improved sanitation effects
  • non-toxic and non-allergenic zeolite as a molecular sieve
  • renewable material

Crystal Clear Water

High Surface Area

  • Crystal Clear Water–DE Like Clarity
  • Traps More Dirt
  • Saves Water–Fewer Backwashes

Ca Ion Exchange

  • Purifies Water
  • Traps Ammonia, Amines and Heavy Metals


  • Residential and Commercial Uses
  • Passes NSF/ANSI Standards

Long Lasting

  • Replace as often as Sand

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