Filter For Aquarium Care

More clients use zeolite in aquariums system,becauase the quality of water in recirculating systems can be improved by using zeolite supplemented fish feed.

Natural Zeolite - Aquariums System

When some stores provides some coupons for the player, It brings more clients to visit. Players spend more time seeing fish, octopus, freshwater shrimp, reptiles, or other animals in Georgia, Monterey bay, or Shedd aquarium. They enjoy telling more knowledge. Many family also buy aquarium tickets and book the hotel near the aquarium shows. If players have money, they will buy their favorite plants, fishes, coral, and gravel in the home aquarium. The fish tank was designed based on 10/20/40/55/75/90/100/125/150-gallon stand fish tanks. The coffee table with fish tanks was put into the room, and decorated with LED light illumination, a water pump, black sand, silicone, gravel vacuum, lava rocks, and plants.

Aquarium Maintenance & Water Care

For aquarium care, Please keep cleaning the aquarium every month. The plants were grown with plants fertilizer and LED light, so we chose the correct plants in the fish tank. If the animal is not freshwater shrimp or fish, it is possible to use salt water.When winter is coming, the temperature is very cold. The heaters are very important. It can keep a suitable temperature in order to avoid some health problems for fish.

Because many species of fish are highly sensitive to fluctuations in water temperature, pH, and levels of oxygen and toxic nitrogen, the chemical and biological environment of aquariums must be closely monitored and maintained. The natural absorption and adsorption capabilities of zeolite make it the perfect candidate to promote the ongoing health and sustainability of aquatic ecosystems. In these environments, zeolite serves three primary functions: to remove toxic levels of nitrogen and ammonium ions from aquarium waters; to provide oxygen-enriched air; to purify tank waters.

Ammonium ions produced by decaying excrement and unused food is a leading cause of gill damage, hyperplasia, sterility, stunted growth, and mortality in fish. Studies have proven that zeolite’s ion-exchange properties control nitrogen content and can provide an effective means for ammonium removal. In fact, studies have found that up to 97 percent of ammonium produced in aquatic systems can be removed by zeolite ion exchange. 

As an added advantage, zeolite treatments are low cost and the mineral itself has a high tolerance to changing temperatures and chemical conditions. They reported that formulated feeds, fish excrement, and sediment flux add to nitrogen levels in aquatic environments. When nitrogen levels exceed ponds’ assimilatory capacity, water quality deteriorates because of an accumulation of nitrogenous compounds, like ammonia. they examined how different kinds of zeolites can be used to improve the quality of tank water.

How to lower ph in aquarium?

People will know the water PH level after using water testing kits for analysis. People often use the best filters with zeolite. It includes a water pump, filter sponge, zeolite sand, UV and canister filter for aquarium. It can improve water quality on daily. If PH is changed more, we should start to clear water.

During the study, researchers measured concentrations of ammonia in waters collected from a recirculating system. Findings suggest that clinoptilolite zeolite was effective at ammonia removal due to its ion exchange capacities. Researchers have found that the removal of nitrogen content through adsorption produces oxygen-enriched air that can be used to aerate tanks; fish housed and raised in such environments are livelier and have greater appetites. The quality of water in recirculating systems can be improved by using zeolite supplemented fish feed.

Benefits of UZ-Min Zeolite Aquariums (Based Clinoptilolite Zeolite)

  • Better Filtration – down to 2 microns Higher dirt capacity than sand or glass filters
  • High Cation Exchange Capacity (reduction of TDS)
  • Absorbs ammonia and prevents chloramines buildup
  • Saves Water – Up to 30% (through less frequent backwash)
  • Saves Chemicals – Less Chlorine, etc.
  • Can be regenerated for long-term high efficiency Extended life cycle (5-7 years)
  • Ease of use (direct substitution of sand).

Install Zeolite Water Filter Media

Following four simple installation steps will lead to years of crystal clear water.

Four Easy Steps:

  • Remove sand and make needed repairs
  • Fill filter halfway with water
  • Pour the zeolite sand into the filter
  • Backwash until clear water comes from the filter.


The lower density between zeolite rock and sand is the difference, so you will use about half as many UZ-Min zeolite granules by weight as regular filter sand. It is a 100% natural zeolite replacement for a sand filter that gives DE-like clarity and controls chloramine formation.

Crystal Clear Water

High Surface Area

  • Crystal Clear Water–DE Like Clarity
  • Traps More Dirt
  • Saves Water–Fewer Backwashes

Ca Ion Exchange

  • Purifies Water
  • Traps Ammonia, Amines and Heavy Metals


  • Residential and Commercial Uses
  • Passes NSF/ANSI Standards

Long Lasting

  • Replace as often as Sand

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