Natural Soil Amendment - Widely Use of Special Fertilizer

Zeolite Fertilizer Soil Amendment: NPK & Water Retention

Natural Zeolite is an Effective Natural Soil Amendment

100% natural mineral amendment with a Best cation exchange capacity for economic absorption.

Zeolite is dense and better porous with a molecular sieve structure. The unique natural attributes act as an effective mineral sponge, Absorb more water, drawn in, and collected by the zeolite granular, once mixed into the soil it creates space for crop aeration. Since the molecule is of a negative molecular charge and pH neutralizing it holds moisture longer than sand perlite, coco-coir, soil, clay, etc. while also slow-release fertilizer in the soil and prevent root-rot. Zeolite is used as natural soil amendment to work with soil fertilizer to be soil conditioner of PH and CEC of soil,and adsorbing heavy matels from soil.

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