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Zeolite is used as Horse Feed additive(a mineral) tool that is very useful in many applications around agriculture, namely horse care.

Horse Care


benefits of zeolite in horse care
benefits of zeolite in horse care

Everything You Should Know About Horse Care

The safety of horse medicine is related to the healthy growth and even life safety of the horse and affects the trainer’s nerves. In an horse racing enterprise, there must be foolproof safety guarantees to avoid potential safety hazards. European and American countries have made relevant standards for breeding horses. Ensuring the health of the horses, and these excellent horses also bring many wonderful performances to the horse competition.

Today, we can often see a variety of horses competing in many equestrian events, but often only special horse wins the race,and found this horse, which is strong muscle and rapid response systems. How did he do for horse care?

using zeolite for horse care

Generally speaking, focus on high-fat ingredients for healthy weight and grains for extra energy. Remember, grains are for energy, fats are for weight gain, and protein boosters are muscle builders so consider your feeding goals when formulating. Using a good protein source.In general, the less grain you can feed while still maintaining weight, growth rates, the better. 

The best feed for horses is still what nature intended, a varied browse diet on healthy soils.Any of these suggestions for simple feed assume that you are feeding a high-quality vitamin mineral supplement. Do not assume a simple grain blend will meet all your horses’ nutritional needs. The vitamin and mineral content of any feed depends on the health of the soil it is grown in, and soils vary widely. Many soils are mineral depleted.

If you start with the detox, there is another decision to muscle test or dowse. How toxic are the horses? If you suspect high levels of toxin exposure, or you don’t know, detox is usually most safely done by starting with a mild, conservative detoxification agent and building up from there.If the horse tests as needing heavy metal detox, I add zeolite mineral. The most conservative gentle detox is zeolite clay for twenty-eight days. The majority of horses have some level of heavy metal exposure from the soils, rainfall, and the additives in vaccines or feeds.

How to Work by Dewormer and Zeolite for Horse Detox

You can continue the basic optimum nutrition program, and starting to transition your dewormers over. The trainer continues to assess for six months. If they suspect parasites are an issue, muscle test or dowse.Start testing for the mildest non-chemical dewormer, such as pumpkin seeds, chicory, diatomaceous earth (DE), trefoil, clay, pine needles, lespedeza, or one of the commercially available herbal blends.If none of the non-chemical dewormers test as clearing the parasite issue, muscle test or dowse the chemical options. A list of basic chemical options is included in the section on parasites. After the chemical dewormer, wait forty-eight hours and then do a detox with clay to remove the chemical residue.

Zeolite Clay has a negative charge and will bind with the positively charged deworming chemicals still in the gut and carry them out of the body. Zeolite powder works mainly on toxins in the digestive tract. You may choose to muscle test or dowse to see if your horse also needs the chemicals removed from the bloodstream.If so, test zeolite (negative charge and small enough to enter the bloodstream) or other detox herbs from the crossreference chart. As the months’ progress, you should find that you are having to resort to the chemicals less and less often. There are many benefits of zeolite in horse care, from the unique dietary qualities to the ammonia reducing absorbent power as bedding & floor covering.

Zeolite sand is a mineral tool that is very useful in horse care.

In barns and stalls, “foul-smelling gases latch on to dust particles that have a positive molecular charge. Zeolite molecules have a negative molecular charge, so they act like magnets to attract dust particles, thus helping clear the air of odors as well as dust”.

Trainers have found that placing an open-topped container of zeolite near stalls helps to absorb odors and dust in the air.
Because zeolite absorbs liquids, the minerals do not become slippery when wet, which is an important safety feature in any structure that contains wood floors or solid rubber mats. Zeolite’s absorption capabilities also create efficiencies when cleaning out stalls; it is not necessary to completely dry out facilities when using zeolite as the mineral absorbs moisture and odors upon contact. To control odors between cleanings, zeolite can be sprinkled on observed wet spots or excrement.

This is a truly detoxifying mineral.

Zeolite is nontoxic to staff and horses; it does not cause harm if it is ingested, touches the skin, or comes into contact with the eyes. The mineral is “nonflammable, environmentally friendly, and can be safely handled around water and feed with bare hands, which is especially nice for those who suffer from chemical sensitivity” .
Over the past three decades, researchers have examined how natural zeolites can reduce ammonia levels in environments occupied by horses.

Veterinarians have linked ammonia levels to equine respiratory diseases because of the stress it places on reparatory tracts and mucous membranes.Trap ammonium in the zeolite molecule, both internally as a dietary aid and environmentally around the facilities.Ammonium (NH4+) in liquid and solid wastes is constantly undergoing conversion to ammonia gas (NH3).

Zeolite controls odors and vapors by absorbing moisture from waste and adsorbing the ammonia produced by microbial activity on the liquids (Hogg, 2003).Katayama et al. (1995) examined the extent to which the accumulation of atmospheric ammonia poses health risks to horses and contributes to equine respiratory disease.

During the experimental period, researchers controlled the temperature (ranged from 9.7 to 15.4 Celsius) and the relative humidity (ranged from 82.6 – 96.4 percent) across three stalls.

The ammonia concentration was 2-17 ppm in stall A, 40 – 130 ppm in stall B, and 0.2-1.9 ppm in stall C. The study found that the degree of damage in respiratory tract is associated with the concentration of ammonia, and that ammonia has a direct effect on the exposed cellular surfaces and cilia of the respiratory tract. The researchers concluded that ammonia is one of underlying factors linked to the onset of respiratory disorders, particularly in cases where horses are in transport vehicles for extended periods of time.

Zeolite clinoptilolite make yard work easy for horse care

Things have become a whole lot easier for Farmers since using natural zeolite minerals. Winning more awards has certainly changed things for the better for farmers. Not only did they pick up the winners’ sash of horse racing and prize cheque, but they also got more knowledge of zeolite uses. According to Winer, it has revolutionized the way he runs his horse yard. The zeolite sand and powder have been a ‘real secret of success’ to Farmers, the busy competition and livery yard and riding school, where Winer is based.

They soon discovered that the zeolite was able to solve light work of so many of their everyday chores – which is vital when you have a yard of more than 200 horses. Winer said the zeolite is essential for a busy yard, we use it every day, I don’t know how we manged without it. In particular, zeolite is natural supplements for horse care to replace the slow effective use of montmorillonite or bentonite clay. On a daily basis, we use zeolite sand to adsorb ammonia concentrations in the air and control ammonia removal levels.

Managing Director of ZeoliteMin Biotech: “We are delighted him is putting “UZ-Min” Zeolite to work and realizing its true potential in the yard.” ZeoliteMin manufactures a wide range of natural zeolite, which can be meet the many varied requirements of the different environments to make general maintenance jobs, easy and less labour intensive.

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Clinoptilolite is used as a safe and natural desiccant for dog and cat litter. It is used as water filter media to solve the unacceptable smell of animal ordure. It also is ammonia remover to solve the same situation in the aquarium as fish and shrimp.

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