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Best Quality Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite From Chinese Organic Zeolite Rock Mineral

Best Quality Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite

UZ-Min® is a high-quality natural zeolite clinoptilolite, specially selected for its high purity, low heavy metal content, and stability of zeolite granules, making it the ideal choice for all applications.

UZ-Min® natural zeolite clinoptilolite is available in a wide range of mesh sizes: <100 Mesh, <150 Mesh, <200 Mesh,<325 Mesh, <800 Mesh,<1200 Mesh, natural zeolite clinoptilolite granules: 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm

Our zeolite products are made from pure, premium quality, micronised china organic zeolite powder.Natural zeolite powder / granules is called clinoptilolite, which is widely used in agriculture, livestock farming, animal feed additive, aquaculture, water treatment, gases adsorbent, construction, heavy metal absorption, aquariums, environmental protection, and in various industrial uses. 

Heavy metal and chemical toxicity can be the cause of many health trouble.Therefore, pure and safe zeolite powder as molecular sieve can help detox heavy metals and many other pollutants of environment, it can help to effectively improve more health from soil,animal,plant and customers.


Powder / Granules

When used as a natural zeolite fertilizer soil amendment, zeolite clinoptilolite can improve NPK levels, water retention

Zeolite Soil Conditioner Amendment is a natural mineral of volcanic origin called Clinoptilolite.


“UZ-Min” Zeolite Animal Feed can be used in animal feed additive and toxic adhesive for livestock and poultry.

“UZ-Min” Zeolite Animal Feed can be used in animal feed additive and toxic adhesive for livestock and poultry.

Powder / Granules

“UZ-Min” Zeolite Aqua can adsorb a large number of toxic substances in Aquaculture.

“UZ-Min” Zeolite Aqua can adsorb a large number of toxic substances in Aquaculture.


UZ-Min Clinoptilolite Zeolite Granular

“UZ-Min” Clinoptilolite Zeolite Granules is used soil released fertilizer adn aquaculture from 100% natural mineral.


Zeolite Micro Filler

“UZ-Min”  Zeolite Micro Filler is suitable for advanced green-tech solutions in the industry.


Zeolite Cement Additives

“UZ-Min”  Zeolite Cement Additives is the first choice in removing chromium from cement


Zeolite AsphaClin for Road Surface

“UZ-Min”  Zeolite AsphaClin improves processability, cost savings, and reduction in emissions.

Sand / Powder / Granules

Water Filter media for swimming pools

“UZ-Min”  Effective Clinoptilolite Zeolite filter media quality unmatched by traditional methods of pool filtration

Sand / Powder / Granules

Zeolite Natural Water Filtration Material

“UZ-Min”  Natural Zeolite is used as water filtration material for water treatment of Drinking Water

Quality Assurance of Zeolite Products

We have built our business through a commitment to helping our customers succeed in their businesses. We apply the “Continuous Quality Improvement” philosophy to meet and exceed all customer expectations and to ensure the delivery of superior products accompanied by a high level of technical support.

  •  In 2018 Awarding KOSHER CERTIFICATION
  •  In 2020 Approved by the U.S. FDA organization in 2020.
  •  In Jan 2021 Awarding of CERTIFICATION OF FREE SALES


At zeolitemin’s quality assurance is a key element in our customer satisfaction program – and it’s a way of life at all of our manufacturing facilities. Our production plants are all ISO 9001 certified. Our quality improvement practices optimize all facets of our production, from the laboratory to the plant.

We focus more development of Zeolites in the future and would help you solve more technology situations and provide the best quality products and services.

Research And Development

For a zeolite supplier, research and development is the vital link to the twenty-first century. Besides bringing new products to market, R&D brings the customer and supplier closer together in a partnership that defines the required zeolites, produces a prototype for testing, and develops a manufacturing scheme for the material of choice. We has made a major commitment to R&D with three fully-equipped centers of excellence, each dedicated to a specific research area.

Technology Centre

  • Location – Xiamen University (Xiamen)
  • Location – Fudan University (Shanghai)


We also operate a fully equipped pilot plant, which is located at our R&D Center. This facility has manufacturing scale-up equipment, and extrusion and spray drying capabilities for producing formed our products. Besides being used for commercial scale-up activities and manufacturing studies, the pilot plant is used to produce test quantities of powders and formed products for customer evaluation.