UZ-Min Pool Filter Media

Pool Filter media for swimming pools

UZ-Min Pool Filter Media

Pool Media filter is simple enough that they can be built at home. Filter Medias used in such filters include anthracite, garnet, and activated carbon. Each of them, including sand and zeolite, has properties that make them viable for different applications based on what they can remove. Natural zeolite as molecular sieve has a function to purify water based on low-cost and high effective running.

Shipment: Container / Bulk Vessel
Delivery Time: 10 Days After PO
Capacity: 3500 MT / Month
Package: 25kgs / 50kgs / 700kgs

Effective filter media from 100% natural mineral superior water quality unmatched by traditional methods of pool filtration

Benefits of UZ-Min Pool Filter Media (Based Clinoptilolite Zeolite)

  • Better Filtration – down to 2 microns Higher dirt capacity than sand or glass filters
  • High Cation Exchange Capacity (reduction of TDS)
  • Absorbs ammonia and prevents chloramines buildup
  • Saves Water – Up to 30% (through less frequent backwash)
  • Saves Chemicals – Less Chlorine, etc.
  • Can be regenerated for long-term high efficiency Extended life cycle (5-7 years)
  • Ease of use (direct substitution of sand).

Crystal Clear Water

High Surface Area

  • Crystal Clear Water–DE Like Clarity
  • Traps More Dirt
  • Saves Water–Fewer Backwashes

Ca Ion Exchange

  • Purifies Water
  • Traps Ammonia, Amines and Heavy Metals


  • Residential and Commercial Uses
  • Passes NSF/ANSI Standards

Long Lasting

  • Replace as often as Sand

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