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Zeolites offer additional advantages as turf fills

Zeolites offer additional advantages as turf fills

Zeolite is a negatively charged mineral whose molecular structure resembles a honeycomb. It is known for its cation exchange capacity, allowing it to selectively bind unwanted or harmful elements. This property makes it an excellent detoxifier.

This is why it is popular as an artificial turf filling material. Zeolite can be used as a natural odor neutralizing artificial turf filling, with internal fixed and stable honeycomb structure. Zeolite neutralizes odors in turf by using its sponge/magnet properties to attract and eliminate odors. Zeolite maintains the properties of any good artificial grass fill, with the added benefit of lowering surface temperatures through a slow water evaporation process.

What does it do to the lawn?

Natural zeolite cools the turf fibers through a slow process of water evaporation, zeolite naturally eliminates odors from turf. Zeolites are odorless odor neutralizers that behave like a sponge/magnet combination to trap and eliminate common odors associated with artificial turf. The unique structure of zeolite allows rainwater to continue to flow through the drain holes even after the product has settled, zeolite is good for the environment, zeolite is safe for children, pets and the environment.

Specifically, odor-causing fluids flow through fill and turf and settle into the compacted base layer below. Mixing 10% – 20% of the base mix will allow the zeolite to neutralize liquids that may pass through, collect and dry out. Therefore, a zeolite base is considered a preventative measure for high-quality turf laying.

Advantages of zeolite over other turf fillers

Zeolite granular fill has many benefits over other turf fills. Below is a brief comparison of zeolites with other traditionally used packing materials.

Odor Control: Dried up urine can make your pet’s kennel smell really bad. The uric acid crystals released through the urine then cause the ammonia to diffuse in the high humidity. Ammonia is the culprit. The chemistry of the zeolite filler can do wonders in these smelly situations, the negatively charged zeolite is able to absorb the ammonia and then prevent it from stink in your grass.

Zeolite has better odor control and cooling properties. This is because these smells can travel greater distances when the grass is very hot. Other artificial grass fillers, such as silica sand and rubber, have a tendency to trap these odors, making them very poor choices for pet grass or backyard deodorizers.

Environmental attributes

Many times, fake grass is used where it may come into direct skin contact with you or your pets. These places include sports fields, pet kennels, balcony gardens, etc. Therefore, there must be safe fillers. Zeolite is a very safe artificial turf filler for the environment as it is a mineral of natural composition. It also does not contain any dyes or scents. It is safe to the extent that it can be used as an animal feed additive.

Zeolite is an organic material, so its dust will not harm your children or pets. However, artificial grass fillings like rubber disperse dust profusely, which can quickly settle into clothing or shoes. In the long run, this can lead to health problems.

Cooling effect

The most appreciated property of zeolite turf fill is its cooling. Zeolite keeps your turf from overheating by absorbing heat from the sun. It has the ability to condense sunlight and transpiration to the atmosphere. These processes significantly lower the temperature of the grass surface. This quality makes zeolite a great playground filler. It is also suitable for outdoor turf that may be used during the day.


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