Strong Zeolite Absorbent Improves LNG and LPG Production by CO2- Technology

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Strong Zeolite Absorbent Improves LNG and LPG Production by CO2

Strong Zeolite Absorbent has Good Adsorption, It can Improve LNG and LPG Production by CO2, and All manufacturers focus on this technology overnight.

When using city gas (a mixture of LNG and LPG) or LPG to produce hydrogen, it is necessary to remove impurities produced during the production process at the wellhead or after domestic acceptance, such as sulfur compounds, methanol, and water, and use it as a zeolite absorbent It has strong adsorption capacity, and can have a good removal effect. However, since the zeolite absorbent also adsorbs combustible gas, it is necessary to remove the combustible gas for safety when replacing or disposing of the absorbent.

So far this work has used “Nitrogen (N2)”, but when using “Carbon Dioxide (CO2)”, it was found that it can be removed in 1/50th of the time, using “Nitrogen (N2)” to remove flammable The working time of the gas is about 16 hours, while the use of “carbon dioxide (CO2)” shortens the working time of removing combustible gas to about 20 minutes, greatly improving the working efficiency. The good adsorption of zeolite absorbent is used in this special field. This method can also be applied to the production of city gas and the production of spray cans (aerosols) with liquefied petroleum gas as a propellant.

Overview of Synthetic Zeolite Absorbent Technology

Strong Zeolite Absorbent has good adsorption,it can Improves LNG and LPG Production by CO2

Synthetic zeolites boost hydrogen production from carbon dioxide

By changing the LPG purge gas from “nitrogen” to “carbon dioxide (100% concentration)”, the purge time can be shortened (about 1/50) and the amount of purge gas used can be reduced. It is expected to decrease (about 1/30). This results in “increased equipment utilization” and “reduced processing costs”. When the exhaust gas of the purging operation is torched, the running time of the torch can be shortened, thereby reducing the consumption of auxiliary fuel for the torch. This leads to reduced combustion costs and reduced carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) emissions. Fuel is put into the flare for stable combustion.

The results show that in experiments using LPG as hydrocarbon and natural zeolite as absorbent, carbon dioxide purge is more effective than nitrogen, and the required purge time is shorter (approximately 1/50) for confirmation. Experimental conditions: Use propane-saturated zeolite, after purging, the outlet propane concentration is 5% or lower.


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