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Natural Zeolite vs. Synthetic Zeolite,It was made by an aluminosilicate framework’s function of adsorbent and cation exchange capacity. zeolite clinoptilolite was made powdered,granules.


Why Choose Our Zeolite – Clinoptilolite?

ZEOLITEMIN is the leading natural zeolite mineral producer and exporter to Asian countries. It owns high-quality reserves in China. Here are some quick facts why choose ZEOLITEMIN’s zeolite – clinoptilolite.

Incredible Purity

min. 85%

ZEOLITEMIN guarantees a minimum of 85% purity in its products. The purity of the product is constantly monitored by analysis. Regular tests are being carried out to check the reserve. It carries the whole production under a strict ISO quality control system.

High Cation Ion-Exchanged Capacity (CEC)

Up to170 meq/100g ZEOLITEMIN offers clinoptilolite with one of the highest Cation ion-exchanged Capacity (CEC).

High Specific Surface Area

Up to 60 m2/g

ZEOLITEMIN’s products can reach a specific surface area (SSA) of up to 60 m2/gr. Accurate Sizing & Naming Dv90% While naming a powder product, the name shows that 90% of the product is below the “named size”. For example, when we name the product 200 microns, we guarantee that 90% of the product is below 200 microns.

Simultaneous Production

11 products We can produce up to 11 different grades of product simultaneously, at our two different facilities.

Non-Stop Manufacturing

4 seasons

ZEOLITEMIN operates for 4 seasons of the year. Usually, the orders in jumbo bags and bulk orders are immediately shipped and delivered. We usually ship orders with smaller packages in 3 – 10 days.

Sustainable Supplier

500 hectares ZEOLITEMIN owns 500 hectares of high-quality natural zeolite – clinoptilolite reservoir. The calculated reserve is over 10 million tons. Reliable Producer 29 years ZEOLITEMIN has been in the zeolite business for over 29 years now. We have established a mutual long-term partnership with most of our customers. We have the know-how and experience for the manufacturing process and the application of zeoliteclinoptilolite.

Supplying the World

In 55 countries, We already ship to over 40 countries in the world. There is no other zeolite producer that can deliver its products to so many countries in the world. Short Lead Times Within 10 days We usually ship your wholesale orders between 3 – 10 days.

Fast Service

24 hours

We reply to your e-mails within the same day. Close to Port Less than 50 km Our production facilities are only 50 km away from one of the biggest container ports in China.

Favorable Pricing

Discount 20%

If you are the first one to give an order from a country that we have never shipped before, ZEOLITEMIN offers a 20% discount on your first order.

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