UZ-Min AsphaClin for Road Surfaces

UZ-Min AsphaClin zeolite for Road Surfaces asphalt

UZ-Min AsphaClin for Road Surfaces

The active ingredient for the production of asphalt to improve processability, cost savings and reduction in emissions.

Shipment: Container / Bulk Vessel
Delivery Time: 10 Days After PO
Capacity: 3500 MT / Month
Package: 25kgs / 50kgs / 700kgs

Benefits of UZ-Min AsphaClin for Road Surfaces (Based Clinoptilolite Zeolite)

  • allows laying of asphalt at low temperature
  • reduces the production of CO2 and the exhalation
  • reduces the energy consumption in the production of asphalt
  • improves workability
  • lowers operating costs

AsphaClin is a natural microcrystallic hydrated aluminosilicate with its typical 3-dimensional structure which includes pores and cavities of a molecular size. Its channels can adsorb various substances – both polar and non-polar, inorganic and organic molecules, odorous substances, etc. Thanks to its unique properties, it is capable of retaining solid, gaseous and liquid substances.

Asphalt paving using natural zeolite

Thanks to its adsorption and molecular sieving qualities, zeolite – clinoptilolite has a variety of industrial uses. Under natural conditions, its inner capacity holds water molecules and it becomes an active sorbent after desiccation. Natural zeolite offers optimal utilization of physical treatment in the production of asphalt and during laying of asphalt.

Material for environmental protection and cost reduction

The application of AsphaClin decreases the temperature required for asphalt production, which helps decrease emissions, in particularly during the winter months, leading to improved workability of the asphalt. AsphaClin extends the workability time of the asphalt mixture during asphalt paving and helps decrease operating costs. AsphaClin, a product based on natural zeolite, is an ecological solution that does not represent an ecological burden in asphalt paving and improving working conditions for workers in production, but also during the actual laying of asphalt.

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