Development of zeolites in the field of human body

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Development of zeolites in the field of human body

Zeolite is used in human body health

Zeolite is called “the stone of life, the stone of vitality” in western countries.

The safety of the main components of zeolite has been confirmed by the analysis conducted by the Pharmacological Committee of the Russian Ministry of Health, and it is also uniquely approved by the Russian branch of the World Red Cross. They agree to use the red cross emblem in the trademark of this product as a guarantee of product quality and effectiveness.

Zeolite is used in human body health

Zeolite series products have been widely used abroad. Zeolites are unique in that they contain catalytic, ion exchange, and adsorption-selective functions. There are not only constant elements but also all elements on the periodic table in zeolite ore.

When the human body lacks a certain trace element, zeolite can adjust the human body by releasing the elements in the crystal itself through ion exchange in the human body, or by absorbing the excess elements in the human body. By eating this mineral, people can improve the sub-health state of the human body and improve the quality of life of the human body.


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