Soil Conditioner Zeolite Powder In Modern Agricultural- Technology

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Soil Conditioner Zeolite Powder In Modern Agricultural

The soil conditioner zeolite powder plays a very important role in modern agricultural production, especially for soil improvement, fruit and vegetable production, and greenhouse vegetables.

clinoptilolite natural zeolite soil amendment.Soil Conditioner Zeolite Powder In Modern Agricultural
clinoptilolite natural zeolite soil amendment

The soil conditioner zeolite powder is rich in organic matter of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, mineralized trace elements, ultra-trace elements, and organic active substances. Through the release, transformation, exchange, and replacement of active enzymes, it directly provides comprehensiveness to crops, plants and soil. Direct and indirect nutrients can improve water and fertilizer retention; it can help grass seedlings absorb, transfer, and store organic fertilizer in the soil and help grass seedlings absorb natural nitrogen fertilizer in the air, and decompose more mineral nutrients to the soil. It is conducive to the benignization of the soil circulation system, and can also meet the nutritional needs of crops and plants during the growth process, and it does increase crop yields and improve product quality.

The soil conditioner zeolite powder is used as base fertilizer for crops and plants With its superior activity and ion exchange, it can fully increase and replenish the organic matter content in the soil, enhance the fertility of the soil, and fully compensate and coordinate the nutritional balance that has been destroyed in the soil. , Participate in the adjustment of the soil nutrient balance system and buffer system, release and absorb mineral nutrients in the soil, prevent the sedimentation and leaching of mineral ions; effectively eradicate the disasters caused by the large-scale application of inorganic fertilizers, and increase crop yields, To improve product quality and commodity value, so that limited land resources can obtain high-yield, stable-yielding fine varieties, and maintain good soil activity for a long time, so as to achieve sustainable development of agricultural production.

Clinoptilolite Zeolite

The Functions And Advantages Of The Soil Conditioner Zeolite Powder Are:

  • Remove fluoride and improve the soil, maintain fertilizer efficiency, and increase the efficiency of fertilizer absorption by plants
  • Reduce the loss caused by leaching, fixation, and decomposition to a small amount;
  • Can reduce The amount of fertilizer applied to reduce costs;
  • Avoid direct contact with plants or seedlings to burn plants or damage seedlings
  • Make fertilizers non-volatile, non-caking, remove ammonia and not pungent, easy to use;
  • Protect fertilizer, water, and prevent pests and diseases.

The main advantage of soil conditioner zeolite powder lies in its good ion exchange and exchange selectivity. It can be used to improve soil or as a fertilizer coating. It can loosen the soil and increase the efficiency of fertilizer utilization. It can prevent diseases, It has the unique effects of resistance to stress, waterlogging, cold resistance, dry and hot wind, lodging resistance, premature aging, prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests, adjustment of continuous cropping, maintaining soil fertility, and increasing economic benefits.

The soil conditioner zeolite powder is used in agricultural production. It can decompose sediments in soil training, remove soil garbage, and reduce environmental pollution; it has the effect of degrading the toxicity of residual pesticides. As a fertilizer, it can promote the production of plant roots, enhance the ability to resist stress, promote plant photosynthesis, promote production development, flowering and fruiting, improve maturity, and improve product quality, which will surely promote the modernization of my country’s agricultural economy.


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