Nature Zeolite for Plant- Technology

Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite Structure,Properties,Facts

Particle Size: 50/80/100/200/325/400/800/1200 Mesh

Nature Zeolite for Plant

Our Zeolite was used in our farmer’s plant, and it brings more benefits for some farmers.

There are some successful cases from Local clients, Without the use content Zeolite fertilizer, grapefruit leaves are easy to yellow, easy to get sick, and have bugs.

Nature Zeolite for Plant
Nature Zeolite for Plant

Farmers use content UZ-MIN Zeolite, regularly fertilize grapefruit trees. UN-MIN Zeolite contain various nutrients such as Na, Ca, and K.

Sufficient nutrients, long-lasting and stable fertilizer effect, can effectively improve soil quality, and play an important role in improving the yield and quality of grapefruit.

After three or four times of fertilization, the grapefruit tree’s survival rate is high, grows healthy and strong. The grapefruit is plump and ruddy, containing calcium, iron, vitamin C, and other elements, UZ-MIN also helps to increase the capacity of fruits.


Zeolite Mineral-Thanks for the Gift from Earth

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