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Antibacterial – Remarkable Functions of Zeolite in Personal Care Products


More and more functions of Zeolite were been found in the past 30 years

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral known for its unique filtration properties. Zeolite, first formed more than 300 million years ago, is a mineral composed primarily of silica and alumina tetrahedrons. There are many natural variations, each of which varies from environment to environment. Some are formed when volcanic rock and ash react with seawater; others are freshwater varieties.

Absorbent at the molecular level, it features a unique array of honeycomb cages that attract pollutants through ion exchange. This structure gives it powerful antimicrobial properties, clinically proven to slow and reduce the growth of microbes and bacteria over time. Because it’s clinically proven to fight pathogens, bacteria, and microbes without the damaging effects of chemicals like alcohol. And, zeolite strengthens, moisturizes, and delivers the key antiaging and refining benefits of premium skincare brands while helping to fight harmful bacteria.

Antibacterial – Remarkable Functions of Zeolite in Personal Care and Skin Care products

Adding special zeolites to your skincare can give your skin the healthy glow you want, infusing your skin with the glow and moisture it deserves. Zeolite is unique in that its honeycomb microporous structure is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, meaning it attracts positively charged pollutants.

Healthy minerals like potassium can be found in these negatively charged honeycomb-like “cages.” Zeolite replaces its health-giving negatively charged minerals with any positively charged pollutants on or in your body. Since your body doesn’t absorb zeolite, when you wash it off your skin, the pollutants it absorbed are safely removed.


European engineers reassess silica toothpaste grade and use natural zeolite in a new toothpaste formulation. natural zeolite ph is the same as silicas, and the two structure is almost the same.


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