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How To Choose a Safe And Pure Soil Conditioner

Clinoptilolite zeolite powder was used in more applications. it is safety and natural mineral. serving the agricultural,animal feed,aquaculture,soil conditioner,soil-released fertilizer,water treatment,road surfaces,material filler,cement additives and construction.

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Focus Soil Conditioner – Clinoptilolite zeolite

Soil amendment is decided by the way of the different raw materials, processing technology, efficacy result, and it is a relationship with different prices and the effect of soil amendment in the market. When choosing soil amendment, we must check the company’s credit, product certification, identification, etc.

Farmers focus on improving the function of local soil and the planted crops, the technical indicators of efficacy fitness, high quality, and efficiency, and ensuring the safety of agricultural products and the health of the soil.

Safety of Agricultural products

The soil amendment must not only ensure the safety of agricultural products and the health of the soil but also be completely melted in water. It can degrade and micromolecule the chemical elements of the soil, adjust the pH value, and sterilize the larvae with biological insecticide. If the soil amendment cannot be completely melted with water quickly, it will affect the function, effect, and use time.

To grow organic farmland and increase the yield of organic agricultural products, we recommend the use of UZ-MIN brand organic soil conditioners zeolite powder.

Some of the main soil amendments on the market are compound fertilizers added with other nutrients (such as EM beneficial bacteria, alginic acid, humic acid, etc.), the soil improvement process takes a long time, and it has been used many times for many years, To achieve the effect. The use of organic soil conditioners zeolite powder ( no zeolite molecular sieves) can solve these problems very well.


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