High Effective Usage of Soil Amendment with Zeolite- Technology

Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite Structure,Properties,Facts

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High Effective Usage of Soil Amendment with Zeolite

High Effective Usage of Soil Amendment with Zeolite before use fertilizer in soil.
Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite is used as Soil Amendment.

How to check this situation that the soil has deteriorated

Farmers must test the soil through a formal testing company to determine whether the soil tends to deteriorate. When the soil on the farm has obvious red and white frost and compaction, it indicates that the problem of soil deterioration is already serious. At this time, farmers should immediately use zeolite soil amendment to make adjustments.

How to use zeolite soil amendment work

When using soil amendment on the farm, you need to be careful to avoid over-improving, and you should choose good quality and effective soil amendments.

The main function of soil conditioners is to improve the structural rationality, pH value, salinization, and compaction of the soil. Therefore, it is not a chemical fertilizer. More fertilization can‘t be used for a long time, so it will lead to excessive correction and a lack of soil fertilizer, which is not conducive to farmers’ plant growth.

Usage Timeliness of Soil Conditioners

Farmers can obtain the correct data after testing different soil types, rational structures, pH types, compaction of mud and sand, water quality, and other conditions. After designing fertilization plans, they should first choose high-quality organic natural soil improvement conditioners.

Minor improvement process:

It can be completed at 1 time, and the improvement is completed in about 7-10 days

Moderate improvement process:

2-3 times can be completed, about 20-45 days to complete the improvement
If the soil is heavily contaminated by heavy metals, the improvement plan shall be designed according to the detected value.

After using the soil improvement conditioner to improve, reduce the usage year by year until no fertilizer is applied. The use of chemical fertilizers and compound fertilizers in farmland must be continuously diluted. Use it after implementing the use of base fertilizer.

Water is a natural degrading agent, and it cannot achieve the best effect if it cannot be melted with water, and it causes the burden of improvement. Zeolite as molecular sieve is a natural mineral.


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