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What is the Main Application of Zeolite Powder?

Zeolite powder has many functions and is widely used in industry, electronics, building materials, agriculture, medicine, etc.

Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite TDS MSDS
Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite TDS MSDS

The Application Of Zeolite Powder from Chinese Zeolite Rock Mineral

  • In the petroleum and chemical industries, it is used for catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, chemical isomerization, reforming, alkylation, and disproportionation of petroleum refining.
  • In the light industry, it is used in papermaking, synthetic rubber, plastics, resins, coating fillers, and quality colors.
  • Used as an adsorption separator and desiccant in national defense, space technology, ultra-vacuum technology, energy development, electronics industry, etc.
  • In the building materials industry, it is used as a cement hydraulic active admixture to burn artificial lightweight aggregates to make lightweight and high-strength plates and bricks.
  • Used as a soil conditioner in agriculture, it can protect fertilizer, water, and prevent pests and diseases.
  • In the livestock industry, it can be used as feed additives (pigs, chickens) and deodorants, etc., which can promote the growth of livestock and increase the survival rate of chickens.
  • In terms of environmental protection, it is used to treat waste gas and wastewater, remove or recover metal ions from wastewater and waste liquid, and remove radioactive pollutants in wastewater.
  • In medicine, zeolite powder is used for the determination of nitrogen in blood and urine. Zeolite has also been developed as a health product for anti-aging and removing heavy metals accumulated in the body.
  • In the way of food processing, zeolite is often used in the refining of granulated sugar.

The above is the major function of zeolite, and few doctors use zeolite powder for human body detoxification. It is difference with synthetic zeolite .


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