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Water Quality Improver For Asian Aquaculture

The water quality improving zeolite powder is mainly used in fresh/seawater aquaculture and fish farming. The major components are clinoptilolite & activated natural zeolite powder. Providing all major elements and most of the trace elements required for the growth and development of aquatic products and marine animals. These elements exist in an ionic state and can be utilized by aquatic animals.

Water Quality Improver For Asian Aquaculture
Water Quality Improver For Asian Aquaculture

Primary functions of water quality improver zeolite powder

Improve water quality, absorb organic matter in the water, purify polluted water quality, increase the oxygen content of the water, and reduce the death of fish and shrimp due to lack of oxygen in the water.
Act on the bottom sludge quickly, reduce ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrite, stabilize PH value, and give aquatic animals a good ecological environment.

Zeolite powder contains many macroelements and trace elements necessary for the growth and development of fish, shrimps, crabs, sea cucumbers, and scallops. Most of these elements exist in the form of exchangeable ions and soluble bases, which are easier to absorb and utilize. Also has a variety of catalytic effects on biological enzymes.

It can promote the metabolism of fish, shrimp, crab, sea cucumber, and scallops, promote growth, enhance disease resistance, increase survival rate, regulate animal fluids and osmotic pressure, and maintain acid-base balance.Flocculate and precipitate heavy metal ions, degrade the toxic ingredients in chemical raw materials and pesticides, sterilize and reduce diseases.

Application scope of water quality improver zeolite powder: Aquatic products, marine aquaculture, and fish farming in the cultured fish, shrimp, sea cucumber, crabs, scallops, turtles, eels, and other seawater and freshwater surface.

How to use water quality improver zeolite powder: Use alone. Use 6-8 kg per mu of water surface, once every 7-10 days, double use in the hot season or severe disease.

In short, the water quality improver zeolite powder has a bright future in the application of pool aquaculture, marine aquaculture, and fish farming, especially in improving water quality, it should be vigorously promoted to create a good aquaculture water environment, in order to increase aquatic animal production and improve aquatic life and purpose of animal product meat quality..


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