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Zeolites Acticles

Water Quality Improver For Asian Aquaculture

Water Quality Improver For Asian Aquaculture

Zeolite Improve water quality, absorb organic matter in the water, purify polluted water quality, increase the oxygen content of the water, and reduce the death of fish and shrimp due to lack of oxygen in the water

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We have built our business through a commitment to helping our customers succeed in their businesses. We apply the “Continuous Quality Improvement” philosophy to meet and exceed all customer expectations and to ensure the delivery of superior products accompanied by a high level of technical support.

At Zeolitemin quality assurance is a key element in our customer satisfaction program, and it’s a way of life at all of our manufacturing facilities. Our production plants are all ISO 9001 certified. Our quality improvement practices optimize all facets of zeolite production, from the laboratory to the plant.

We focus more development of Zeolites in the future and would help you solve more technology situations and provide the best quality products and services.