Warning! More Economic Loss Caused by Heavy Metal Pollution- Technology

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Warning! More Economic Loss Caused by Heavy Metal Pollution

Chinese scientists use zeolite as adsorbent to remove heavy metal in waste gas and wastewater.
The malignant events caused by environmental pollution are becoming more and more serious.

Overview of Heavy Metal Pollution

Today, All people should know everything about heavy metal pullution. Since entering the new century, science and technology have developed rapidly around the world, but the environment has been destroyed, and environmental governance is imminent. Under the increasingly severe environmental pollution situation, the malignant events caused by environmental pollution are becoming more and more serious. With the erosion of pollutants, and chronic heavy metals Due to the accumulation of industrial sewage, waste gas, and waste residue in many developing countries, various heavy metals in food and other agricultural products have been polluted.

What Can We do for Heavy Metal Pollution?

According to the estimation of China’s environmental protection department, the annual economic loss caused by heavy metal pollution is as high as 12 million tons, and the direct economic losses of more than 20 billion yuan. Chinese scientists use zeolite as an adsorbent to remove the heavy metal in waste gas and wastewater.

The earliest research on natural zeolite powder began in 1756 when Swedish scientists discovered the situation. At first zeolite powder was mainly used in agriculture or water treatment. It was only in 1966 that scientists proved that it was pure and rich in trace elements and minerals, and began to be used as a functional health food in the food and medical fields to positively impact preventive health care or treatment. One of the health products that NASA researches to keep astronauts in optimal condition in outer space is zeolite products.

Zeolite was used to solve this trouble of heavy metal by scientists

Silicon is believed by scientists to play an important role in human DNA synthesis and gene expression. The main component of zeolite powder is hydrated cerium oxide, which is also a natural microporous crystalline cerium formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. There are about 200 species, but Not every type of zeolite powder can be eaten into the human body. High-quality zeolite powder depends on whether it is all-natural, high-purity, and free of impurities. The smaller the particle, the easier it is to attract, and no chemical process occurs during the manufacturing process.

Modified zeolite products, such as high-purity zeolite powder, can quickly absorb harmful substances from the human body. Zeolite can firmly preserve heavy metals, harmful gases, and even radioactive elements, and then drink plenty of water to quickly and effectively excrete through urine and sweat glands.

Focus on Removing Heavy Metal by Zeolite Adsorbent

In today’s heavily polluted society, it can adsorb various polluting potent substances. The unique feature of zeolite powder is that it selectively absorbs harmful substances without interfering with the absorption of vitamins and amino acids. The reason is the micropores of zeolite powder The structure is relatively small and has no side effects, so zeolite as a molecular sieve can be taken for a long time without worrying about affecting the absorption of nutrients in the body (vitamins, amino acids, or fatty acids, etc.), while other adsorbents usually do not exceed 2 times.


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