The Polluted Land Can be Turned into a Wetland By Zeolite Amended- Technology

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The Polluted Land Can be Turned into a Wetland By Zeolite Amended

The Polluted Land Can be Turned into a Wetland By Zeolite Amended
The Polluted Land Can be Turned into a Wetland By Zeolite Amended

In order to solve the problem of wetland pollution faster and better, many researchers have invested a lot of energy in research. Researchers from the School of Chemical Environment of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), aim at the compounding of heavy metals and different environmental materials with complementary functions.

Experts conducted experiments on the simultaneous effects of soil moisture and nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers. They found that natural zeolite has a powerful effect on the treatment of wetland and soil pollution, especially the pH and EC value of the soil leaching solution.

The wetland uses zeolite clinoptilolite to lock water and moisturize, intercept organic matter to provide nutrition for vegetation and degrade organic matter to balance water pollution.

How to work by Natural Zeolites

Zeolite powder from volcanic rocks has strong adsorption properties, and the adsorption range of non-polar substances is wide. The sewage in the wetland has a complex composition, and the organic matter in it is easily absorbed by zeolite rocks.

Natural zeolite is a MASTER in adsorbing heavy metal and ammonia nitrogen, locks in nutrients to continuously supply vegetation, forms a complete biological chain to promote microbial degradation, and ultimately achieves the purpose of purifying the environment.

What can We do by Zeolite Powder

As a leader in the natural zeolite industry, ZeoliteMin Biotech actively responds to the call of the country to use natural zeolite to transform wetland projects. After these renovation projects have undergone ecological restoration, the water bodies are clear and bottom, and the main eutrophication indicators (dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, permanganate index, etc.) have reached or exceeded the surface water standard (GB3838-2002).

The effect is maintained well, and a unique wetland landscape is formed.


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