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Clinoptilolite powder: Improving the good advantages of feed additives

The addition of zeolite clinoptilolite powder to the breeding feed can improve the growth rate of animals, and zeolite can improve the growth environment of animals. The zeolite powder as a feed additive generally refers to clinoptilolite powder, and the main component is natural zeolite with a framework structure. zeolite clinoptilolite is made of natural zeolite rock through crushing, grinding, and pulverizing. It has strong adsorption and ion interaction.

The main types of zeolite powder used as feed are 100 mesh, 120 mesh, and 200 mesh, which can be used in most poultry, livestock, and aquatic animals and plants, zeolite clinoptilolite powder is easy to make the feed more fully utilized, and absorbed, thus improving the conversion of feed heat and nutrition rate and utilization. Therefore, the addition of clinoptilolite powder can not only improve the quality and utilization rate of feed but also greatly reduce the cost of raw materials. Our recommendation in feed ingredients is to add 5% zeolite powder. Of course, you can also add according to your needs.

The performance and advantages of feed-grade clinoptilolite powder

feed-grade zeolite powder has the advantages of strong adsorption, high ammonia absorption, good workability, low water content, not easy to get wet, etc. It is suitable for: livestock feed additives, aquatic feed carriers, and pre-Mixture carriers. This is a full-price mineral excipient that can really effectively reduce costs and improve the nutrient utilization rate of feed.

zeolite clinoptilolite is used as feed additive in feed of poultry,swine and cows.Improving health and nutrition of animal body.
zeolite clinoptilolite is used as feed additive in feed of poultry,swine and cows.Improving health and nutrition of animal body.

We know that zeolite clinoptilolite powder can be used in feed, which not only improves the yield and survival rate, but also is safe and has no toxic side effects, and the price is very cheap. So do you know what particle size should be the most suitable for zeolite powder to be added to the feed? The following editors from Zeolitemin will tell you.

Choose the best particle size clinoptilolite powder for feed application

  1. Zeolite clinoptilolite powder is used as a vitamin diluent. It is recommended that the particle size of natural zeolite powder is 80-120 mesh.
  2. The particle size of zeolite powder in the carrier or additive of pig feed is recommended to be 100 mesh and 200 mesh. You can also choose 100 mesh, 200 mesh drying type high ammonium absorption zeolite powder, and 200 mesh drying type white zeolite powder.
  3. Chicken feed: It is recommended to choose: 10 mesh, 20 mesh, 50 mesh, chicken feed granular zeolite powder.
  4. Aquatic feed: It is recommended to choose: 200-mesh light red or yellow-white, 200-mesh yellow drying type and 200-mesh feed-grade zeolite powder with high ammonium absorption.
  5. Compound fertilizer: It is recommended to use 100-mesh ordinary zeolite powder, 100-mesh high ammonium absorption, and 300-mesh ultrafine and ultra-white zeolite powder.
  6. Cattle feed: It is recommended to choose: 120 mesh, powdered zeolite powder.
  7. Sheep feed: It is recommended to choose: 200 mesh, powdered zeolite powder.
  8. Water purifier or sewage treatment: It is recommended to use 200 mesh powdered zeolite powder to purify water.

Zeolite clinoptilolite is a mineral with strong adsorption force, and is rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese and other elements, as well as a lot of benefits for animals such as selenium 1.2, copper 1.5, zinc 32, cobalt 16 and more mineral and trace elements.

Clinoptilolite powder is essentially different from ordinary stone powder. It is used in a very large amount in feed raw material additives because zeolite powder is an ideal premix carrier and probiotic diluent. So we should use it better in accordance with the correct specifications and models.

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